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What is Zebra Blinds?

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

Zebra blinds is a window deco which is similar to roller blinds or drapery. Nowadays we get more customer looking for zebra blinds and wanting to know the price quickly. However, customer feel regret when the outcome of zebra blinds didn't match their windows deco expectation because customer didn't get well informed about zebra blinds. Therefore, this topic we will talk about the benefits of zebra blinds and how it function.

Key function and benefits of Zebra Blinds.

- Zebra blinds is different with roller blinds because the main setting of roller blinds is only Up and Down. Zebra blinds come with 3 main settings which are Close, Open and Up.

- Lots of choices for light filtering surface and room darkening surface. It can easy to match with your furniture or upholstery.

- Zebra blinds is very light weight and easy to lift.

- Protect privacy. Light filtering surface can see outside from inside while people outside cannot see inside.

- Fabrics not easy to collect dust and easy to clean, can clean by a piece a wet cloth and dry it with dry cloth immediately. You can either use vacuum machine and gently vacuum the fabrics.

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