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What is timber blinds?

Window treatment such as curtains and blinds have the ability to change the environment of the room. Timber blinds are popular choice for people, timber blinds have plenty of natural texture and functional benefits.

Timber blinds are the better choice for control sunlight and own privacy.

- easy to control the slats with a string to adjust the sunlight from outside.

- some of the roller blinds and zebra blinds can see the shadow of you from outside when light inside the room is on even you fully close the blinds. For timber blinds slats is solid and thick, it will provide extra privacy for your room after you fully close the blinds.

Extra insulator

- timber blinds is made of wood, wood is a natural non conductor material. Thick slats of the timber blinds block the heat from sunlight, so that cold air could stay inside your room.

Lots of gorgeous design

- timber blinds are suitable to put in your bedroom, kitchen or others, the material type with mountains of design, colors and natural carving will make you feel satisfying.

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