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What should we concern before install the curtain ceiling box?

Curtain ceiling box can be list as L box, plaster ceiling box, or curtain pelmet. Commonly, the function of ceiling box is to hide the curtain track or pole in curtain range. It can make your curtain look classic and luxury if you hide your curtain track in the curtain ceiling box. Then what should we concern before install the curtain ceiling box?

How far do I need to install curtain ceiling box from the wall?

At least 6 inches from the wall if you want a double layer curtain, double layer curtain means (Night Curtain & Day Curtain). 6 inches space is fair enough to install double curtain track on you ceiling, but please remember it's only enough for curtain heading design French Pleat (Three Finger Pleat) and Double Pleat.

If you would like to do Snake Track (S- Fold Curtain) with a French Pleat or Double Pleat, please install your curtain ceiling box at least 8 inches away from the wall. For double snake track, you can install the curtain ceiling box 12 inches away from the wall.

Why there are different size for different design? It's is because the different design have different of curtain wave, if you hanging a S- Fold Curtain in a 6 inches space curtain ceiling box, the curtain will press by the ceiling box and effect the wave and the flow of curtain.

How depth do I need to install curtain ceiling box from the ceiling?

Depth of curtain ceiling box can be 5 inches or 6 inches, it is well to hide your curtain track and easy to hang your curtain. If you do too depth for the curtain ceiling box, you can imagine how tough to hang the curtain.

How much length do I need from left to right?

It depends on you want to make it full length or standard. If you decide to do standard length, please remember to balance the length of curtain. The opening of curtain should start on the center of window.

It's plaster ceiling can support the weight of the curtain?

Normally it can support if you install the curtain track with right amount of curtain track bracket holder. If you really worry about the curtain track will fall off from the ceiling, you can apply a layer of plywood on plaster ceiling near the window area, 1 inch thickness for the plywood is fair enough. Then we can screw the curtain track on the plywood, it will more stable than you screw on the plaster ceiling only using a spring toggle.

P.S. Please remember to give instruction to you contractor before install the curtain ceiling box.


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